3. Creative Writing

when alone is too much

Loneliness. A word that most of the time means not being a part of a pack. Loneliness is being coated in sensations of rejection and isolation, that, unfortunately, every person undergoes it from time to time. But being alone is beautiful. Is peaceful and the benefits that come with it are life-saving. When we are…… Continue reading when alone is too much

3. Creative Writing

The distance we all need

I am in a need of distance on a daily basis. Life requires full presence of me, and being suck of energy usually happens when I’m around too many people, but that’s not all. I get hurt or endure different kinds of pain when something unpleasant happens to me and then I need a significant…… Continue reading The distance we all need

3. Creative Writing

the silence I bring

I bring silence. This is my gift to all that I meet with. Silence runs deep within me. Is part of my outfit the same as is of my walk. I think I’m invisible, until someone says my name or smiles at me. I discovered from a young age that the need for connection is…… Continue reading the silence I bring

3. Creative Writing

it’s like you said it would be

Being over the age of young adult is challenging to the point that you want to absorb as much info and data but soon after you want your own way. we learn from others mistakes, it’s solid proven, but we can also learn from our mistakes and this way mistakes can not be forgotten easily…… Continue reading it’s like you said it would be

3. Creative Writing

traps are not the same for everyone

I’ve been trapped. and so were you. all of us have been. the strange thing is that the same trap has an different effect on you, and the way you dealt with had a different outcome in your life. I find myself trapped in small things or events on daily basis, and when I can’t…… Continue reading traps are not the same for everyone

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no sigh for others.

it’s that time when you want to tell and cry in the same time but all you can do is to let the eyelids rest peacefully while a river of tears is forming in the corner of the eye. in a unique, silent way you let the liquid pain flow to the knees not on…… Continue reading no sigh for others.