3. Creative Writing

when alone is too much

Loneliness. A word that most of the time means not being a part of a pack. Loneliness is being coated in sensations of rejection and isolation, that, unfortunately, every person undergoes it from time to time.

But being alone is beautiful. Is peaceful and the benefits that come with it are life-saving.

When we are alone, time stands between each breath we take and each time our chests is rising, the measurements of time transform in capsules with accurate memories. Each root of memory is deeply connected with senses of pleasure, love, loss or pain. Therefore, our thoughts are different but linked. Some people can’t get enough occasions of being alone, whilst others crave the pack, and being among others.

There is something peculiar when we are alone for an extended time. We initiate a new feeling. We miss. We long. And then we feel that alone is too much to bear.

Maybe is our fault since our significant others have become accustomed to offering space and silence.

to be continued…

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