3. Creative Writing

beautiful to come

You’re detaching slowly from something that once was the epicenter. This can not be undone. The progression thrives by simplicity. It’s all natural, pure. And no importance of why is happening. Will the consequences follow? Does it matter?

In front of your significant other, that keeps a harmony of silence while you are struggling to form the proper words on how to explain and describe the new beginning that calls and awaits you. Pain and excitement are pumping from the new brave heart that holds all the innovative unsolved mysteries of life. In your head, everything is echoing along with songs of nature. It is not the open window that is near you, it is further deeper. It is within.

You sigh and two eyes close in disappointment. Somehow you had it coming. Your lips are turning up because this does not affect the enthusiasm that is streaming through your veins.

You embrace freedom even if it causes pain to your significant other. Your epicenter.

It is a matter of time until everyone will go through this. The desire that you are wishing for the human in front of you to undergo the same experience is burning. Patience is a new skill to manage.

Nevertheless, something beautiful awaits us all.

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