3. Creative Writing

becoming a secret

16.09.2018 (80)

Around others, I am a secret. They only know about me from what I say, and they know my heart from what they are able to read and interpret. And that’s it. More about me is a secret.

Life had a strange way for me until now and will continue to be the same, regarding my inner force and desire to be a constant. When I am losing myself and then I am finding my way to myself, I’ve come to think, that meanwhile, I become a secret to myself. A tough realization that stroked my world a while ago.

I am losing my compose. My north is not where the Ursa Major is. I am discovering new truths about those around me, about the life that I have chosen for myself and ultimately, about myself.

This rollercoaster that everyone is talking about has its mysteries and when it stops, dizziness of life appears, as well the feeling of loneliness and not belonging.

but, at the end of the day, while resting comfortably before the night sleep, knowing that no one is watching, when we are absolutely honest, we know that we are all secrets.

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