3. Creative Writing

to whatever is holding you from falling

2015-11-28 15.37.38

I am holding on to books, loneliness, close family and friends, and prayers. Exactly in that order when I get tired of nothing or all.

Speaking without restraint  about pain or uncomfortable situations that dear life brings, is about bravery, in my book. I am all the time amazed when someone opens their mouths and pour personal episodes that are intimate and a various stories water the eye and arch the chest in pain. In those moments I am present, because in other manners I’m not.


When you have nothing to lose and all in front awaits, screaming to be concurred you shall need to ask and it shall be given. I am still trying to figure this mechanism out.


Love empowers people, fear weakens them. But the roots of fear is nowhere to be seen, only to be felt. Fear creeps in the mind, corrupting thoughts, it creeps in the soul and corrupts intentions. I saw people change the way they walk because of fear. Sometimes I am curious how my walk is. Does anyone notice the change?


In days when green looks gray I can hear echoes of sighs. I don’t know if they belong to me or others.

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