3. Creative Writing

the comfort of winning

20170305_130456Practicing is the path trough triumph. Coming to this conclusion is inevitable when you know where you are and where you want to go. The gap between this two points is the practice.

But practice requires something more. Rather than doing the same thing all over and failing. The base and the sustainability as main ingredients must be a powerful thought that necessitates to be fed with something.

That something is the core of all. It can be powered up by memories, actions, songs, special lyrics from a poem, prayers or anything, for as long that you have the knowledge to identify this source and to exploit it to the maximum.

Joy wipes regret that comes visiting the thoughts sometimes. Fills the body and mind with an authentic sense of happiness and belonging.

Doing the right thing actually pays off. Although no one can feel the amount of good and vibrant energy that crosses your body in the moment of winning, the significant others undergo a very similar feeling. And knowing that they can experience this good emotions brings us comfort too.

There’s a unique comfort in winning. It brings a final peace and a optimistic view towards the future. The safety that no matter what will happen next, you will thrive, eventually, because you have the practice of going through necessary and unnecessary pain to reach the final prime place.

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