3. Creative Writing

the monsters out there

23.05.2015 (1) Panorama

The monsters are everywhere. I can close my eyes and feel them creeping around. They are nowhere to be seen. At least not with the mundane eyes that we have, but with the wise eyes of mind and heart.

I’ve been pushed from one side to another over the years by persons that have human faces and speak languages that I understand, but after a closer look I discovered that they hide secrets that are dark and ugly.

About how they want to hurt and create panic among others. I also discovered that they thrive doing such.

But the most amazing thing that I find out was that I can put in the picture their behavior and name it. That I can speak without dread about it.

That I can forgive their actions and that consequences will always follow. Most results came easily because I realized that I can move forward, free of them, if I choose not to care about words and actions of people who don’t know and understand others as they wish them bad.

I found out on a hard way who to trust and how to choose friends and build friendships with. It’s not easy is an understatement. Being affected by people’s actions is a daily dose of life, after all.

Maybe that’s the beauty of this: you have to be hurt to finally cherish the wonders of friendships.

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