3. Creative Writing

the sound of time between us


The anticipation that only you know what will follow when you start to speak words that break with every attempt to make sense. Two eyes mirror the faultless expression of ‘I don’t get you…’

Somehow, we all been there. Waiting for the significant other to listen, to replay to those cracked declarations that struggle to fit the feeling of lost.

We can hear the undersized sounds of ambiance, the shifting of thoughts between two people, the silence installing and the feeling of blood being pumped by heart faster and faster.  Looking for answers, signs of approval, anything. Followed by discomfort.

Discomfort, who’s washed away by moments summed up  in time after time, after time.

There’s this thing that we are measuring out life with, it’s called time. Time has many superpowers and one is the fantastic effect when awkward situations occur. Is filled with silence and tinglings.

More than often is welcomed.

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