3. Creative Writing

it’s like you said it would be

20171029_090633_Richtone(HDR)Being over the age of young adult is challenging to the point that you want to absorb as much info and data but soon after you want your own way.

we learn from others mistakes, it’s solid proven, but we can also learn from our mistakes and this way mistakes can not be forgotten easily because bearing the scars on them is a constant reminder.

our personal way distinguish other individual’s habits and a beautiful contrast is formed. we are attracted to it. it is like magic, since there are long conversation about it.

And, there is another long conversation that happens, regardless of occurred situation that is painful or shameful. Is about repeating the mistake that you swore it would not happen again.

Somehow life repeats some cycles and we come across situations that seem to be so brand new that takes the breath way and fogs the mind, making to take bad decisions that influence the future. the shocking part is that that decisions can affect the future of others too, like friends, family or spouses.

‘it’s like you said it would be’ is the main replica offered by the companion when we are about to act on a situation that happened before and we just forgot about it, or is substantial out of our league.

putting down the ear for advices, suggestions and ideas from others is not easy, it take an immense amount of courage and modesty to consider and discus about the in progress problem.

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