3. Creative Writing

traps are not the same for everyone


I’ve been trapped. and so were you. all of us have been.

the strange thing is that the same trap has an different effect on you, and the way you dealt with had a different outcome in your life.

I find myself trapped in small things or events on daily basis, and when I can’t get out I manage to ask my significant other for help. I tell myself every time that I have to learn how to expect the traps, and I have to ask for help before is too late.

no one likes drama. to be looked at or to look at, because it breaks something. I don’t know how to name it yet, but I can see the aftermath cracks. and it hurts even long after. both parts are suffering. we are hardwired this way. empathy first place, followed by sympathy and then compassion, each level with its perks. one part offers and the other receives / collects and makes the effort to keep going until there will be a new trap, and being saved will be part two to the story.

we rely on family and friends when the feeling of being captivated by bad emotions involves us. is too damn hard to be alone.

the resentful sentiment that invades the mind when the significant other has to experience an identical and complex situation that his / her outcome is, somehow better than yours, is also different on each person. that sentiment can not be stop easily.

needs practice to stay good. and this is another trap.

we fall into this trap, although we all have to get up alone. nobody will come to tell you that you’re are arrogant and vain whereas your modesty would suit you better.

I know two most tough traps: one regards the past and is called depression and the second one regards the future and is called anxiety. both painful, for the trapped human being but also for the companion, to observe and commute between best encouragement texts and actually action – the holding hand and pulled up part.

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