3. Creative Writing

attending life on Sunday

Every day of the week is special, has its own name after all. But when we think of 20140108_144407_Richtone(HDR)Sunday, immediately the association between ‘last day of weekend’, ‘day of God’, ‘lazy Sunday’, and so on, happens to cross our minds.

And somehow, Sunday is the day we don’t want to put up with everything, don’t want to be like the other days and we want to be as much as we want, the way we want, when even life happens.

We attend life as working humans from Monday morning, and we do our best for the next four or five days, but when the Sunday morning realization hits us, life changes. Priorities change.

Sunday was for me the most important day of the week when I was a child, and later in my young adult life. Sunday was that day of the week that made the difference as time, reality and activities.

I remember how my parents took me to church and after we had the lunch together, later I could go and play with my friends, because some of them I could see them only in Sundays. As well as my father, most of the time.

I remember that Sundays were long days, sometime even boring days. I could do so much back then! Travel, friends, homework, sleep, playing and even a cartoon on TV.

This day has its special, even now, but is different. And I don’t think it’s like this only for me.

My life from Monday to Friday/ Saturday changed its main concern, my priorities became others and as an adult I struggle to manage my time. The way I attend life all week, besides Sunday, is different. I have to focus on the things that only I should do, only I can do, and the others that must be done. Keep in touch with family, in-laws family and friends. Plus co-workers.

When Sunday comes I want to attend life in a different manner. In ways that can define my week to come, because some days are really hard and difficult situations are on daily agenda.

Sunday is my boost day. And I want this day all for myself. This is the day that recharges my super powers, that gives me the positive attitude for the days to come.

Have a great week, everyone!

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