3. Creative Writing

to the life we think we need but we actually have

Every person in this world has its own definition of life. Starting a young age when we experience first love and friendship to all the ups and downs of being adults in life.

We share our definition of life with most people we come in touch with, and sometimes we make time to listen to others about their sentiments, regrets and loses.

It’s strange how is works. We call, text or post on social media about our life insides, mostly when is about achievements and winning, and not so often when is about that time that changes the mood and face expression, when put across our significant other we have no words nor actions, when we forgot to say ‘I love you’, ‘ I miss you’, ‘ take care’ and situations change radically from one hour to the next.

1e3587652b95e5951c56f5a77bacee01We don’t share insides about our true loses and regrets, unless our emotional bag is full and a deep cleaning is required.

Maybe is in relation to what we need to think that others think of us. Maybe is about vanity and vulnerability. Maybe is about how brave we truly are. Or honest with ourselves.

Because what’s the point of speaking loud about happiness when we can’t speak load about pain. At the end of the day, happiness is conditioned by pain, these two work together.

We share definition about life not only by verbal and written words, but also by photography, architecture and even food. As homo sapiens, we discover constantly new ways to show and demonstrate new theories and definitions about life.

In the end, we all conclude that there is a significant distinction between the life we think we need but we actually have.

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