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Touching London

Is it possible for a city to touch us in shapes that we do not think is possible? YES! it can!

Any empathic person, with an innate desire to travel and gain experiences, is touched by the magic and the fuss / silence of the place. 20180118_135833

I can firmly confess that I am the kind of person who touches places. Whenever I visit a new place, I soak in everything. I take the pulse of road, going slowly, searching and touching fences, walls, flowers and trees. Feelings of joy flood me knowing that I’m following the footsteps of  people who have had an impact on history.

I can not help myself but go into a store and ask for information regarding to the place I visit.

London. An imposing capital, with the most famous monarchy in the world. The city  in which all civilizations are distinguished from each other – contrasts are charming, and in some neighborhoods (places) they intertwine wonderfully.

Visiting London in one day is possible, but goals need to be well established,  shoes must be the most comfortable ones,  full phone battery, money on the contactless card for overground, underground and bus, plus the empty card camera and maybe an extra battery for it.

The center of London, and its periphery promise a lot, at every station you can count on tasting the traditional dishes of … all of the cultures. Free places to visit, such as parks and museums, are the busiest in which you have the chance to hear and interact with your co-nationals.


Coffee shops are all aligned, one after the other, where the barista is ready to prepare your personalized coffee, and salads and sandwiches are all there! this is the difference between an European and English coffee shop, there you can find breakfast, lunch and snacks between meals.

London’s infrastructure is very good, transport links are everywhere, and the Uber is just a click away, but the peak hours of the morning (6.30 – 9.30) and the evening hours (16.30 – 19.30) are a whole new story. Agglomeration and agitation can leave you unpleasantly surprised and even forgetting that you have to go to the next destination. So does the price variation.

London can reach different points of view. Some fears will be confirmed again other denied.

Let yourself be touched by the next destination and you will could bear in mind the memories that will not fade easy.


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