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Quotes: 365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know by John Haggai

20161130_132103.jpgYesterday is a cashed check and cannot be negotiated. Tomorrow is a promissory note and cannot yet be utilized. Today is cash in hand. Spend it wisely.


Too many parents want to be pals with their children and grandchildren instead of leading them.


You tend to absorb the characteristics of your environment.


If you’re laden down with things that do not enrich your life, you have to ask yourself if those things are in fact impoverishing you.


Enthusiasm is like stream. It pressurizes, empowers, impels action. Many people never become enthusiastic over anything, therefore they never archive anything. Their lives become idle and negative and worrisome.


A friend is one who knows all about you, sees your faults, and loves you anyway.


Writing crystallizes you thoughts and makes your ideas specific.


Jesus never complained about the weight of His cross.


Faith is a gift from God. So says the Word of god. Air too is a gift of God. It will do you no good unless you breathe.


how often do you contact your friends when you desire nothing from them.


Prise the performance, not the person.


People who never take time to think never master the control of their own minds.



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