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‘who are you?’ they ask.


 ‘who are you?’. an annoying and difficult question that is often asked.

People do tend to ask a lot of questions, such as: location? age? flaws? how you managed your time after graduation? do you think that you have your creative marks somewhere? …

well, damn if we don’t all have answers to those above and other more, exempt ‘who are you?’ question. But people who seek to employ ask ‘who are you?’ and we have to find the best, not too short nor too long, grown up and simple answer.

In my opinion that magic question is actually some questions summed up.

Try answering ‘I am a man/ woman who loves to do that, and become inspired by that, during time there, while learning about and… ‘

‘who are you?’ is an intimate question. Who are we if we’re craving to read  the books that make us happy and courageous?

‘who are you?’ if you love to review and write about wonderful things, awful events, or people, buildings or everything that can make our fingers move on paper or keyboard.

‘who are you?’ if you prefer to speak on written letters not verbal words, because in that way you can express yourself more clearly.

‘who are you?’ if you choose to spend time in a place where your thoughts can be heard only by yourself and you will not hear others’ thoughts or laugh and deputies.

‘who are you?’ if you love the rush of solving a crosswords puzzle or thinking most of the time of math problems then your significant other.

‘who are you?’ if you can make someone worthy with the kindness and attention that others can’t.

‘who are you?’ if you can be someone’s doctor without the border of a disinfected place, or payment, or racism, or judgment or culture clash.

‘who are you?’ is you! is everything that to stand for, your actions and what you value in life.

beside, no one can answerer without a short story.


from Cris’s diary – all rights reserved


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