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in a quiet new moon night.

from Cris’s diary – all rights reserved

he said ‘don’t be scared’.

I’ve always heard him in my head each time I’ve came to feel, that, so common, regular feeling. It’s being scared feeling. Hot first from head to toes, and then cold from heart and down the spine, reaching slowly my small toes.

With my best mantra song, I keep walking on the narrow path. Trees in the left and the same in the right, who planted them wanted to match same squares, or made this a joke, to have at each step a deja vu feeling of seeing this already. It’s new moon and everything is black around. Even some stars try to give a soft glow, but they don’t run on the best power light. Not in this particularly night.

From where are stars getting their lights? Maybe moon is power them up, or maybe the sun does it? In some days clouds run fast and tonight they just stay, still, I might say. Creepy for them to make me feel… ashamed, while watching those three line stars, glowing softly on this quiet new moon night.

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