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ziua aia 14 Februarie / that day February 14


Intr-o oarecare masura am simtit cu totii efectele sarbatorii Sf. Valentin. Ziua aceea dintr-un intreg an in care indragostitii trebuie sa-si declare dragostea, aprecierea si ce ar mai fi de spus, iubitilor.

Este comic daca privim din prisma omului care-si iubeste aproapele si ii marturiseste afectivitatea atat prin cuvinte cat si prin gesturi romantice de cateva ori pe saptamana cand…stiti voi ce se intampla.

Ei bine… 14 Februarie, ziua Sf Valentin este pentru mine un fel de 8 Martie, stiu ca in alte parti ale tarii se serbeaza diferit, insa in Bucovina (plai cu flori) toata partea feminina a populatiei umane primeste aprecieri, flori, si diverse cadouri.

Noroc cu 14 Februarie asta ca le mai aminteste oamenilor ca trebuie sa fie dragostosi. Restaurantele, pensiunile, hotelurile si cluburile primeaza maxim. Ca femeie vrei ca ziua sa fie… mai speciala decat de obicei, iar ca barbat este o adevarata provocare sa fii… mult mai special pentru 24 de ore.

Trecut-a ziua aia, anul viitor alta si tot asa. Oamenii revin la vechile obiceiuri si la acelasi fel de tratamente fata de iubitii lor.

Poate tot scopul sarbatorii Sf Valentin este sa aminteasca despre dragoste si cine se simte bine atunci, sa continue asa.


In a certain degree we all felt the effects of St. Valentine’s Day. That day from a whole year, in which lovers must declare their love, appreciation and what else is there say to their beloveds.

It’s funny if we look from the perspective of a man who loves his significant other and confesses affection through words and romantic gestures a couple times a week when … you know what happens.

Well … February 14, Valentine’s Day is for me a kind of March 8, I know that in other parts of the country is celebrated differently, but in Bucovina (field with flowers) all the feminine side of human population receives appreciation, flowers, and various gifts.

Luckily February 14 reminds people that they must be lovingly. Restaurants, guest houses, hotels and clubs prevails maximum. As a woman you want to make the day more special than usual … and as a man is a real challenge to be … more special for 24 hours.

That day has passed, the next year another one and so on. People returning to old habits and the same kind of treatment towards their beloveds.

Maybe the whole purpose of St. Valentine’s celebration is to remind about love and who feels good then, to continue doing so.


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