1. Cultură

ce nu ştiai despre maşina ta?!

  BMW : Barely Moving Wreck

  BUICK : Built Under the Inspection of a Crazy Korean

  DODGE : Dead Old Dog Going East

  FIAT : Fix It All the Time

  FORD : Fix Or Recycle Dilemma

  GM : Garbage Motors

  GMC : Gay Man’s Chariot

  HONDA : Had One, Never Did Again

  HYUNDAI : Hang Your UNDerwear Anywhere Inside

  JEEP : Junk Each and Every Piece

  JAGUAR : Jags Always Guarantee Unlimited Astronomical Repairs

  KIA : Krap in Action

  MERCEDES : Most Every Red Cent Eventually Dissipates, Extinguishing Savings

  MUSTANG : Massively Ugly Sh*tpile That’s Always No Good

  PORSCHE : Pity Only Rich Suckers Can Have ‘Em

  RENAULT : Retarded Engine, No Acceleration, Ugly Lump of Trash

  SAAB : Slick As A Brick

  TOYOTA : Taking Our Yen Out – Thanks All

  VW : Vehicle Wannabee

  YAMAHA : Yet Another Mechanical Atrocity Happens Again


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