3. Creative Writing

I forgot to breathe air / am uitat să respir aer

I often feel the need for oxygen. As if I did not inspire, hold it and expire oxygen, or whatever’s the magic components of the air. Instead I breathe longing. It envelops me, wakes me up and puts me to asleep. An exhausting cycle with short exposure, instantaneous, now and here. For how long? for…… Continue reading I forgot to breathe air / am uitat să respir aer

3. Creative Writing

losing myself in life / pierzându-mă în viață

I am one of those people labeled by science INFP or something like that. The truth is, labeled or not, I am losing  myself in life. I feel chopped up from the world. There are times when I deeply feel  being  a part of the world and those around me, and there are times when…… Continue reading losing myself in life / pierzându-mă în viață

1. Culture

La mulţi ani tuturor copiilor!

1 Iunie este acea zi din an care ne aminteşte de drăgălăşenia copiilor de pretutindeni. Aceasta este data universal însemnată în care toţi copii sunt priviţi cu dragoste şi îngăduinţă. Sărbătorirea copiilor nu trebuie sa fie un eveniment calendaristic, ci o oportunitate zilnică de amintire că afecţiunea trebuie oferită lor.   La mulţi ani tuturor…… Continue reading La mulţi ani tuturor copiilor!

3. Creative Writing

A thought about love I /o idee despre dragoste I

Everything resumes to love I have realized countless times that everything summarizes to love. Regardless of the path of reflection or the arrival moment in our life, love makes us be… unique. We love a puppy or a cat, the feelings grow and it manifests itself more beautiful thus making the connection strong and stunning.…… Continue reading A thought about love I /o idee despre dragoste I

3. Creative Writing

to whatever is holding you from falling

I am holding on to books, loneliness, close family and friends, and prayers. Exactly in that order when I get tired of nothing or all. Speaking without restraint  about pain or uncomfortable situations that dear life brings, is about bravery, in my book. I am all the time amazed when someone opens their mouths and…… Continue reading to whatever is holding you from falling

3. Creative Writing

The distance we all need

I am in a need of distance on a daily basis. Life requires full presence of me, and being suck of energy usually happens when I’m around too many people, but that’s not all. I get hurt or endure different kinds of pain when something unpleasant happens to me and then I need a significant…… Continue reading The distance we all need

3. Creative Writing

the comfort of winning

Practicing is the path trough triumph. Coming to this conclusion is inevitable when you know where you are and where you want to go. The gap between this two points is the practice. But practice requires something more. Rather than doing the same thing all over and failing. The base and the sustainability as main…… Continue reading the comfort of winning

3. Creative Writing

the monsters out there

The monsters are everywhere. I can close my eyes and feel them creeping around. They are nowhere to be seen. At least not with the mundane eyes that we have, but with the wise eyes of mind and heart. I’ve been pushed from one side to another over the years by persons that have human…… Continue reading the monsters out there

3. Creative Writing

the sound of time between us

The anticipation that only you know will follow when you start to speak words that break with every attempt to make sense. Two eyes mirror the faultless expression of ‘I don’t get you…’ Somehow, we all been there. Waiting for the significant other to listen, to replay to those cracked declarations that struggle to fit…… Continue reading the sound of time between us

3. Creative Writing

the silence I bring

I bring silence. This is my gift to all that I meet with. Silence runs deep within me. Is part of my outfit the same as is of my walk. I think I’m invisible, until someone says my name or smiles at me. I discovered from a young age that the need for connection is…… Continue reading the silence I bring

3. Creative Writing

it’s like you said it would be

Being over the age of young adult is challenging to the point that you want to absorb as much info and data but soon after you want your own way. we learn from others mistakes, it’s solid proven, but we can also learn from our mistakes and this way mistakes can not be forgotten easily…… Continue reading it’s like you said it would be

3. Creative Writing

traps are not the same for everyone

I’ve been trapped. and so were you. all of us have been. the strange thing is that the same trap has an different effect on you, and the way you dealt with had a different outcome in your life. I find myself trapped in small things or events on daily basis, and when I can’t…… Continue reading traps are not the same for everyone

3. Creative Writing

attending life on Sunday

Every day of the week is special, has its own name after all. But when we think of Sunday, immediately the association between ‘last day of weekend’, ‘day of God’, ‘lazy Sunday’, and so on, happens to cross our minds. And somehow, Sunday is the day we don’t want to put up with everything, don’t…… Continue reading attending life on Sunday

3. Creative Writing

to the life we think we need but we actually have

Every person in this world has its own definition of life. Starting a young age when we experience first love and friendship to all the ups and downs of being adults in life. We share our definition of life with most people we come in touch with, and sometimes we make time to listen to…… Continue reading to the life we think we need but we actually have

2. Social · 3. Creative Writing

Touching London

Is it possible for a city to touch us in shapes that we do not think is possible? YES! it can! Any empathic person, with an innate desire to travel and gain experiences, is touched by the magic and the fuss / silence of the place.  I can firmly confess that I am the kind…… Continue reading Touching London

4. Schimb și vânzare de cărți

Cărți de vânzare

Cărți de vânzare 🙂 Prețurile sunt ușor negociabile. primul venit – primul servit. contact: Cristina , cristinica_88@yahoo.com Twilight (Twilight  #1) de Stephanie Meyer – engleza – 25 RON New Moon (Twilight  #2) de Stephanie Meyer – engleza – 25 RON Potirul de Sub Stanca, (Taramul Intunericului, # 1) de Susan Cooper – 7 RON Cand…… Continue reading Cărți de vânzare

1. Culture · 2. Social

1 Iunie, sărbătorim Ziua Copilului

1 iunie este a 152-a zi a calendarului gregorian și ziua a 153-a în anii bisecți. Astăzi sărbătorim Ziua Internațională a Copilului. Conform părinților, se spune că oricine are încă mamă și tată se numește copil, indiferent de vârstă. Deci este în regulă să ne simțim copii, cu suflete fără grijile lumești are vârstei mature.…… Continue reading 1 Iunie, sărbătorim Ziua Copilului

1. Culture

Ziua Internațională a Biodiversității

Biodiversitatea cuprinde varietatea genelor, a speciilor şi a ecosistemelor care constituie viaţa pe pământ. Ziua Internațională a Biodiversității a fost creată în cadrul celui de al doilea comitet al Adunării Generale a ONU în 1993 până în 2000, a avut loc pe 29 decembrie pentru a celebra ziua în care Convenția privind diversitatea biologică a intrat…… Continue reading Ziua Internațională a Biodiversității

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Quotes: 365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know by John Haggai

Yesterday is a cashed check and cannot be negotiated. Tomorrow is a promissory note and cannot yet be utilized. Today is cash in hand. Spend it wisely. * Too many parents want to be pals with their children and grandchildren instead of leading them. * You tend to absorb the characteristics of your environment. *…… Continue reading Quotes: 365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know by John Haggai